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Written by Karen Zafra Vera

January 12, 2020

What controls you… the outside or the inside?

The plain truth is that the overwhelming majority of us have been conditioned to think based from what we see, hear, smell, taste and touch, which is thinking from the outside-in.

So why is this a problem?

This is a problem because thoughts become things. In terms of our thoughts, they are either originated from the outside or they are originated from within. In either case, the thought leads to an idea, which then leads to an emotion, which then leads to a behavior that’s in alignment with that emotion, which then ultimately delivers a result, which is by law, equal and opposite to whatever that behavior was.

When thoughts are originated from the outside, the end up being the focus, which then leads to more of the same.

Let’s think about the power of that when the outside becomes the primary focus. Whenever that happens, that circumstance or result, whatever you want to call it,…