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You are courageous for coming to this page. Most people are too scared to even think about change.

Congratulations for taking that next step towards awesomeness. A celebration is needed!

I know how scary it is to change and have someone that you are accountable to for that change. Most people are not willing to take the small step that you just did because of the questions they ask themselves that lead to the deep hidden fears they have inside.

You are probably asking some of these same questions right now even though you are here.

  • What if I can’t do it?
  • What if I don’t follow through?
  • What if I mess up?
  • What if I disappoint my family?
  • What if I disappoint myself?

I challenge you to ask the questions on the other side instead.

  • What if I’m successful at becoming the person I desire to BECOME?
  • How awesome will I feel if I follow through?
  • What if I actually DO THIS?
  • I’m going to mess up no matter what.  How great will I feel because I focused on standing back up time and time again, honoring the struggle?
  • How incredible will my family’s life be because I decided to finally show up on my “A” Game?
  • How proud will I feel about myself, knowing that I did something every day that my future self thanked me for?

Every one of those questions above, negative and positive, lead to a story.

How different did you feel when you asked yourself those positive questions over the negative ones?

How much did your story change because of those positive questions?

Most people don’t understand that everything we do is rooted from the questions we ask ourselves and even worse, most people are disconnected from the fact that the questions we ask ourselves are voluntary.

Excluding those who have deep psychiatric or psychological problems, the rest of us, which are the majority, are functioning perfectly based on the on beliefs we consistently entertain. We are unaware of many of these beliefs.  Constant dissatisfaction, disappointment, lack of motivation and fear are results from continuously focusing on negativity and what’s wrong.  On the other side, constant happiness, confidence and joy are results from continuously focusing on positivity and what’s right.  Those results, whether positive or negative,  are actually signs that you are functioning correctly because we become what we think about.

I am not a psychiatrist, psychologist or anything earned with a degree that has an “ist” attached to the end of it. I am just a person that is driven by an obsession to master my personal development, understanding that I will never fully master it because life is a work in progress.

I don’t believe in following or chasing dreams because our dreams actually follow us.  What we need to do is ACT on them.

​Having said all this, my purpose in this program is to facilitate Bob & Sandy’s coaching because they are the coaches for this program and they are THE BEST.

My purpose is to help you gain clarity with what is being taught, to guide you, and hold you accountable for the things you commit to.

Through this process you will learn how replace your current limiting habits and beliefs with powerful new positive ones that help you become your best you.

I will be challenging you beyond what you believe you are capable of, to believe in you and help you grow quickly.  It’s to be one of the greatest sources of positive energy in your life.  It’s to remind you that the most important relationship you have is with yourself.  It’s to be your BEST cheerleader.  No one will cheer for you louder from the heart than me.

This needs to be clear. In order for you to achieve the change and success you desire, YOU MUST DO THE WORK.  How far and fast you go is completely dependent on how serious you are and what you are willing to do.

If you are ready to take the next step,  Fill out the form below and set an appointment for a FREE CONSULTATION. 

In this meeting, we will talk about these four things:

  • Where you ARE.
  • What you WANT!
  • Why you aren’t DOING what you need to do to get what you WANT.
  • Whether or not we are a MATCH to WORK TOGETHER.

IMPORTANT: My time is valuable.  I only help those who are COMMITTED to change and growth. 

“INTERESTED” people do what’s convenient.

“COMMITTED” people do what’s NECESSARY.

Which one are you? 

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