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Is Your Goal Worthy Of You?

When choosing a goal you would be wise to remember that your trading your life for that goal. You know that your life is not a practice run, this is it! What is your goal. 

The Power Of Decision

A true decision means you are committed to achieving a result, cutting yourself off from any other possibility. Are you committed?


A paradigm is habitual beliefs and behaviors that lead to your current results. How are your habits and beliefs serving for you? 


  • Have you even asked yourself this?
  • Can you answer this truthfully?

Such a simple yet hard question to answer.

What Is Mind, Wealth and Empowerment Coaching?

We all have ideas that are seeking expression. Emotions seeking to be expressed. We all seek wealth. What is wealth to you? Is it money? Is it stability? Is it Financial Freedom? Is it Entrepreneurship? Is it Peace of Mind? What does wealth feel and look like for you? 

Empowerment, the attainment of confidence, accomplishment, success and authority are all characteristics in us seeking to be expressed. Are you acknowledging them ?  Most people live their live in their current circumstances, their current grind. They are lacking beliefe in their potential and their ability to be who they were born to be. 

A coach sees things that the “player” doesn’t always see about themselves. They are able to watch the player and see the moves that would save them time and energy and be more effective!! 

I coach people into their best potential and help them to change their life game in order to change their future.  I take your hand, I believe in your dream. I have faith and hold you accountable through your journey until you are ready to fly. In this journey your mind and soul will  expand; Your self image will shifting and you will create this new version of you!


Who Is My Coaching For?



If you are here, you are seeking change, expansion and growth. It may be your career, a  relationship or your finances. Whatever it may be, it is seeking expression, and you no longer have to be held back. It all begins with the understanding of your mind, your emotions and your behaviors. You are here because you are ready to step into your potential.



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Stella Suarez-Rita Testimonial

Stella Suarez-Rita Testimonial

Stella Suarez-Rita Testimonial

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